Network and Wi-Fi Design

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Whether you are a home owner, have a small business with no IT expertise, or a growing midsize company, our networking solutions can meet your needs.

Designing, Building and upgrading home and office Networks

Today small and midsize businesses are embracing mobile and cloud technologies to improve employee productivity and engage with customers. Your business needs an affordable, high-performance and secure wired and wireless infrastructure that can support the growing number of mobile devices and cloud-based applications.

Every IT networks must be capable of meeting current data demands whilst scalable enough to meet the demands of tomorrow. Wiexe Network provides the expertise you need to support your existing networks, expand to meet business growth, and roll out new networks.


Whatever your existing network infrastructure Wiexe Digital can provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and management. We provide the networking expertise to connect your staff and business systems so that you can stay focused on your business. We also provide home network installation ready for the IOT (Internet of Things).

  • Network Design and Infrastructure
  • Home Network
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Managed Private Networks
  • Home and Business Access Point
  • Business Hotspot

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