Wiexe Hotspot

Promote your business through Facebook, Instagram and emails. Reach friends of customers who use your Wi-Fi!

No Passwords or Access codes needed

After connecting to your Wi-Fi network, customers are forwarded to your own splash page. Based on your setup, they may have to check-in to your place before they can use the internet for free. A message can also be posted on their walls in the background,like “Using free internet @ Barbecue Restaurant!”. There is no need to set up a password and spell it for your customers. This can save valuable time for your staff. The check-in mechanism is fully automatic and also optimized for mobile devices.

Social Media and email data collection

Connect your business directly with social profiles. Anonymous guests become real people and you can get access to their profiles, including real name, email, etc.* These profiles can be used later for marketing purposes and these data can be imported to your favorite newsletter software. *Data collected is vary by Social Networks and users’ permission settings.

Collect check-ins or post to Customer’s wall

While offering free Wi-Fi, you can Promote your Facebook Page, get new “Check-Ins” and social recommendations from your customers. This increases your business’ visibility, customer engagement and sales.

New “Check-Ins” means more engaged users. According to Facebook the average user has 230 friends who can also see your business once their friend checks in. That means, depending on the number of fans you have, multiplied by the number of friends they have, your content could achieve wide viral syndication.