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All business wants more traffic and the flexibility to change marketing messages on the fly. With the cost of digital signage technology becoming affordable for every retailer, it’s the new competitive advantage to win over shoppers. Wiexe Digital Signage unique content systems use digital signage content to attract, engage and influence shoppers to drive your store sales.

Why Upgrade Your Store With Digital Signage?

Wherever your company is based and whatever industry it is in, there’s no getting away from the fact that the modern economy demands a certain level of online engagement.

Just like traditional signage, digital signage systems exist to convey information and/or marketing materials to your customers. Essentially, what sets digital signage systems apart is there versatility and adaptability.

Digital sign can display a much wider range of content than a traditional sign. Using a range of different content management systems, digital sign can show not just text and images, but also videos, sophisticated graphics and streaming media.

Digital Signage capture up to

More views than static menu

Brand awareness increases up to

With Digital Signage

Sales increases as high as

When switching to Digital Signage


Wiexe Digital Signage provide a variety of Digital Signage services from simply software provision to full design Management and hosting digital signage projects of any size. If you don’t have in-house IT resources we can host and manage your project so you have a totally serviced solution.

Player Unit

Wirelessly downloads and displays content hosted on to the Wiexe Digital Signage cloud.

Digital Signage Cloud

Access to the online software that allows you run and to schedule content.

Digital Signage Design

Design that make your menu come alive for customers

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